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F.C.C. - Financial Construction Company


The Company

A group devoted to manufacturing pieces and elements of reinforced concrete

Industrialized construction of:
  • Houses
  • Residential compounds
  • Social buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial estates, etc

The Factory

  • 2 production facilities in Spain, located in C√≥rdoba and Jaen.
  • Total surface of 110.000 m2., 25.000 m2 indoor facilities.

The Production Process - All robotized

  • Preparing parts for form working
  • Performing formwork and pipes
  • Formwork and vibration
  • Drying ovens
  • Demoulding

Other Advantages?

  • Faster construction
  • Better structure finishing : From factory, without on site materials
  • Low maintenance : Easier repairing and maintenance

  • Higher stability against mechanical action or vibrations: Better anti-earthquake behavior
  • Higher acoustic isolation (even indoor)
  • Higher thermic isolation : Aimed to energy efficiency
  • Maximum sealing (no holes)
  • High level protection against fire
  • Extended durability : Over standard structure

Saudi Arabia Home Model

FCC, along with its Spanish Partner, have invested in a model home as we identified an opportunity; to create homes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Homes which can be built within the same standards yet, cheaper, quicker, and with a fraction of the personnel

Our homes meet the following criteria:

Standards - Environmental, insulation and all internationally regulated standards

Speed - Our solution can erect a home of 280 sq. meter in 3 working days

Personnel - For a 280 sq. meter house we require only 2 technicians and 1 helper

Cost - Huge cost reductions: Our costs are more economical, even when taking into consideration the mobilization and erection costs- especially when taking into account the short construction period (3 days)